What is Jotcall all about?

In today’s fast-paced world we talk to so many people that it is not possible to remember each and every conversation. Jotcall helps you to make and better organize your conversation history on your finger tips. No matter where you were, you can jot notes after every call. Jotcall help you stay connected with your friends, families, professionals etc. in a most effective and efficient way. With three different versions such as Personal, Web and Enterprise Versions, Jotcall will help and manage your notes on the GO! For more details visit our About Us section.

How can I use Jotcall?

If you want to make notes after every conversation, then simply you have to sign up. The user has to register first then they can use Jotcall as their universal mobile app to take notes after every call. Once you are signed up, you can use Jotcall where an individual can jot down notes anytime and anywhere!

How do I download the App?

You can simply download the app from the Google Play Store.

How much is your app cost?

We have developed three different versions: Free, Personal and Enterprise. The user can use the Free Version free of cost whereas the Personal and Enterprise Versions will cost a minimal amount to the user.

Which device can run Jotcall?

The app is available in the App Store for Android users only. We are currently making the Android experiences as solid as possible, only then we will focus on other platforms but currently we have nothing to announce.

Who can use Jotcall?

Everyone can use Jotcall. It’s your universal mobile app where you can jot notes anytime and anywhere. With Jotcall mobile app, you will recollect all the details with ease at your finger tips.

How can I create my profile in Jotcall?

If you don’t have Jotcall account, then you can easily create your profile within a few steps. You have to just click on the sign up link and will have to provide a few details like email address, personal details and that’s it! Now, you can sign up and start using Jotcall on the GO!

Can I change my Password?

Yes, you can easily change your password. Just login to your Jotcall account with your login credentials then click on “Change Password” tab. Enter your old password, then enter your new password and confirm it. Your password is now changed successfully.

How can I enter Notes?

You can easily enter the notes using following steps:

- Login to your Jotcall account using your login credentials.

- Go to Jot Note.

- Add your notes here.

- Save notes.

What is Personal Version?

The Personal Version is basically a free version that stores all the conversation notes “Jots” on the phone memory. You can also use color labels to set categorize to better manage your contacts. Also, the users can up-grade from Personal Version to Personal Paid Version or Web Version depending on their choices by simply paying a minimal amount.

What is Personal Pay or Web Version?

With added advantages for people who are always online Jotcall offers the Personal Pay or Web Version which automatically stores all the data on our secured cloud servers. This option makes your data secured and portable and can be easily synced to other device.

What is Enterprise Version?

With enterprise version on the way Jotcall smart phone app will be synced with your company CRM. This version saves a lot of time and will sync data back and forth which keeps you updated all the time. With this version, the administrator can create, edit and manage several groups, keep track of the employee call details and assign levels to the users depending on their role in the organization from an intuitive admin panel.

What if I use Hide App with Call feature will I be able to make and save notes?

If you use this feature then the user will not be able to make or save any notes on his personal device which is applicable for all the three versions.

How do I report any bug or issue using Jotcall?

In case you need any further assistance or wish to highlight your issues with Jotcall, you can get in touch with our technical support team at support@jotcall.com anytime. Our technical team will revert back to you with an appropriate solution to your queries.