Jotcall – Your Universal Mobile App For Jotting Notes Anytime, Anywhere!

In today’s fast track world we talk to so many people regularly that it’s very hard to remember each and every conversation. At times it gets trickier to recollect all the details, so with the use of one of the biggest technology invention of the decade “Smart Phones” you can eliminate this problem. Try our Android App “Jotcall” to take notes after every call.

Jotcall is specially developed to help friends, families and professionals to make and better organize their conversation history on your finger tips. With three different versions we have developed personal, web and enterprise versions to suit your needs.

Personal Version:

This version is a free version which stores all the conversation notes “Jots” on the phone memory. You can also use color labels to set categorize to better manage your contacts.

Online Version:

With added advantages for people who are always online Jotcall offers the online version which automatically stores all the data on our secured cloud servers. This option makes your data secured and portable and can be easily synced to other device.

Enterprise Version:

With enterprise version on the way Jotcall smart phone app will be synced with your company CRM. This version saves a lot of time and will sync data back and forth which keeps you updated.


Packed with nifty features, the app consists of:
  • Note Making
    After every call Jotcall automatically opens a note taking screen. You can easily type the details of the call in brief and the next time you talk to the same contact you can view the conversation history. Jotcall adds and organizes notes on per contact basis, you can also use colored label categorize to differentiate contacts. You can also search, edit and access your notes anywhere, anytime.
  • Personal Free
    Use your mobile app in offline mode in which you can add, view, organize your notes and save the information in a few clicks in the device only.
  • Personal Pay (Cloud Powered)
    With this feature the user can completely sync the data with the cloud server in few seconds by just clicking on the “Sync with the Cloud Server” button.
  • Build Your Call Center
    Jotcall can build a call center that integrates well with your existing CRM system. Quickly add notes, sync it with your CRM and stay up-to-date with your activities.
  • Enterprise
    This version is specially designed for organizations and companies of any shapes and sizes. With Jotcall enterprise version the administrator can create, edit and manage several groups, keep track of the employee call details and assign levels to the users depending on their role in the organization from an intuitive admin panel. It Integrates well with your existing CRM and can even publish notes for groups, send updates, maintain access to information and more.